Feel stronger

Physically, you will feel capable of doing more.
You could lift those big bags of groceries into the trunk with more ease.

Personally, you will feel more able to take on your life’s tasks.
You’ll know how to breathe in contact with your inner self during the challenging meeting.

Be more flexible

Physically You will feel more range of motion in your body.
You could reach into the back seat of the car with no problem.

Personally, you will feel more adaptable to the curve balls life throws at you.
You’ll know how to plant your feet, unclench your jaw and deal with the crazy the kitchen reno.

Be more focused

Physically you can accomplish life’s physical tasks with more ease.
You could tie up your shoelaces without straining or complaining.

Personally, you will be able to accomplish life’s tasks with more ease.
When there is an overwhelming amount of tasks ahead of you, you will know how to bring a sense of flow into your mind and body

Be more agile

Physically you will be more able to respond to environmental factors.
For example, you could catch yourself from falling when you trip over your cat.

Personally, you will feel more agile in your thoughts. Research shows that exercise increases our brains’ power.
You will feel more able to think of at least three alternatives when you can’t find matching socks.

Feel more aligned

Physically, you will feel centred and clear in your body and clearly connected to your own self.
For example, you could give that presentation from a grounded and open physicality.

Personally you will feel more connected to your essential self.
For example ,loving your own body with your head directly over your feet and your eyes forward, you will be in a secure place to clearly speak your truth.

Gain long term mobility

Physically, you will build skills and movement practices to carry you through your whole life.
When you are 100, you could still be dancing.

Personally, you will learn how aging can be an enjoyable upward spiral.
You can dance with the wisdom and joy of your accumulated experiences.

“The people I work with are unique individuals with rich and varied life experiences. I am curious to understand each unique physicality/personality. I interweave my collection of techniques, tools and experience to help you feel better to move better and move better to feel better.”
Julia Aplin