Seven Points of Upward Spiral’s Philosophy
1. Movement is everything!

Evolution has given us a physical design that needs movement. Our whole body needs a variety of movements every day. It’s shouldn’t be like a vitamin. It’s more like a dessert.

2. Movement should feel good.

It should be fun. It should be engaging. It should not hurt.

3. Everybody can learn.

New research in neuroplasticity has proven that we can learn throughout our whole lives. Our brains are not fixed. We all have different learning strategies and thinking patterns that we can use to our advantage.

4. Art and Play are essential.

Art requires your imagination, your heart and your spirit. Artful ideas, imagery and expression should play important roles in movement. Play is the key word.

5. Alignment of Mind and Body

Movement should balance your physical self in relation to gravity. It should also align your mind to the task. If you are not fully in alignment movement can be painful and ultimately detrimental.

6. Listen to your body.

Interoception-noticing how you feel, feeling your body, listening to your body. You feel at the centre of yourself, calm, collected, and with a clear aim; in your movement and in your life.

7. Your body is a magical gift.

The truth is you are already capable, healing, and connected. Upward Spiral offers a framework for you to develop the depths of capability that are already within you.