What is Mitzvah?

Scene at a reception in Toronto.

OTHER PERSON: So what do you do?

ME: ummmm, 

I race through my thoughts and I’m trying to pin my wide spread practice and what seems like a long career into a title for this person to understand and I choose…

ME: I’m … [read more]


I learned a new word.
Pandiculation. I LOVE this word because it so clearly articulates some things I’ve been pondering. In fact, I rejoice in this word! It’s a daring, delightful way to luxuriate in yourself and enjoy taking up space.

Pandiculation… [read more]

What is the Mind/Body Connection

I first discovered this feeling as a child. The feeling is an oxymoron of being that is both transcendence and pragmatic reality. I boringly call it the mind/body connection. I am still looking for a better descriptor. As a kid I could feel it … [read more]

Julia’s Story

When I was a young professional dancer, in my mid twenties, I was starting to be in a lot of pain. I was doing very challenging, very physical work everyday, all day and I was hurting . A lot. I thought I would have to quit and “get a real job”. I thought… [read more]

Article from Kingsway Newspaper

When I tell people I am a dancer I often hear “Oh, I used to dance.” or “Oh, I would love to dance.”  Adult life is busy and taking care of yourself and your soul isn’t always a priority. I have to tell you, when the music starts and your feet get moving… [read more]