Cedar Root Creature

Joy Parr urges us to recognize that people make sense of the world “directly through their sensing bodies’ and that “human bodies are con-ditioned by the circumstances of time and place” (Parr, 2009, page 15). I was quietly sitting in the forest of the rare Research Charitable Reserve in Cambridge Ontario, when it seemed that this piece of cedar root beside me started “looking” at me. It seemed like a friendly creature. I wondered what it would be like to be in kinship with this imagined creature and look at the forest together.

Date of Filming: August 7, 2022

Location: Cambridge, Ontario


Animation of cedar root by Julia Aplin

Music by John Gzowski


Parr, Joy. Sensing Changes: Technologies, Environments, and the Everyday, 1953-2003. 

Vancouver: UBC Press, 2009.