Spiral Phloem

With each specific tree with whom I have danced a new relationship has developed that feels like a kinship bond. Enrique Salmon writes, “Perhaps when something is embodied this act is a sort of psycho emotional fertilizer that helps sprout a form of kinship.” (Salmon, 2021, p. 16)  This tree, living in Grey County, Ontario, inspired an investigation of upward flow.

Date of Filming: January 3, 2023 Grey County and February 28, 2023 Toronto

Location: Grey County Ontario and Toronto, Ontario

Credits: dance by Julia Aplin and Pine

sound by Julia Aplin


Salmon, E., (2021). A Heart Rooted in Place:Poetics Dentists and Getting Rained On. In G. Van Horn, R.W. Kimmerer &  J. Hausdoerffer (Eds.),   Kinship:Belonging in a World of Relations. Volume 2. (1st ed., pp. 87-94).