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Emerging from the Emergency

The lock down is lifting. The protection from Covid-19 is entering our bloodstreams. As we start to emerge from this most strange and unusual time I am feeling many things.

It is a celebration. It is a relief.  And it is going to take time to process the magnitude of what we have been through. If you are like me, things have changed. I have changed.

Our bodies have been undeniably confined during lock down–our freedom of movement reduced. Contraction and stillness were necessary. Stress was inevitable. As restrictions lift, how do we want to move forward? And I do mean, literally, how do we “move” forward? I imagine an emergence of consciousness and care. I envision a movement of awareness and gentle, communal support to release grief and pain.

I see the possibility of creating new paradigms as we begin to recover from the pandemic. Here’s three ideas that I have been thinking about a lot.

The physical laws of the universe live within the bio-mechanics of our human bodies. Our bodies have an undeniable kinship with bodies of water, land and all living things. We live under the law of gravity and within the forces of nature. We are all, human and non-human inextricably linked.

We are living through some ugly, awful truths.  And yet, the world is beautiful. There is hope, joy and love in this beauty. Healing is possible.

Your thoughts matter. Your mind and body are inextricably linked. Your imagination and your healing can be one and the same. Your healing and the earth healing can be one and the same.

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