What is the Mind/Body Connection

I first discovered this feeling as a child. The feeling is an oxymoron of being that is both transcendence and pragmatic reality. I boringly call it the mind/body connection. I am still looking for a better descriptor. As a kid I could feel it everywhere but I was told I was wrong. Trees don’t talk to each other! Pshaw! ( scientists now tell us they do) Rivers don’t have spirits. (but they do!) and the stars are just stars. (are you sure?) If you couldn’t measure it, it didn’t exist. Well, turns out, we just didn’t have the right measuring stick. As an adult, I have found scientific backing for my feeling. (trees really do communicate, our bodies are stardust etc etc.) Groups of like-minded thinkers have given me confidence and helped lead me back to the connection.

Dancing was my first way back in to the connection. Dancing allowed me to be my fully “crazy-connected-to the-universe weirdo” that is acceptable on stage. Daring to be that connected in real life is much scarier, much riskier and a bit odd even to my own self. Our bodies are stardust! (scientific fact) How amazing is that!!! The mind/body connection is not exactly transcendence because I don’t move beyond my body or my reality. My body is in fact the source, the centre the connection to the universe and yet my body doesn’t really exist. It feels like I am kind of invisible or infinitly clear. I feel alive in my body, pulsing with life that is bigger than my own heartbeat. The oxymoron is that my body is so fully my own yet it belongs to a bigger flow.

Knowing my body, connecting my consciousness to my physical parts opens the feeling; Moving, dancing, articulated, intelligent mindful movement. The feeling is rooted in the physical act of being alive. Dancing amplifies the connection but just breathing is a way in, too. In fact, I believe that being alive is what creates the feeling. We are alive! We are ALIVE!!!!! We are living stardust!

And now that I can tap back into the mind/body connection, now what?

Well, I still have to do the dishes. I still stub my toe and make stupid mistakes. My life continues its meandering, slow, fast, up and down adventure but I can do it as me. Truly me. Fully alive and fully connected to my body, to myself, to everything else. Wheeeeeeeee!

A dear friend recently gave me a gift that validates my thoughts on how to be in this world. She gave me a hoodie with the bold words “Weirdo” across the chest. Hahaha! Thank you for the permission to be my “perfectly-normal-crazy-connected-the-universe-weirdo”.

Join me and find out about you.