Some of my Influential Teachers

I have been fortunate in my teachers.

Ann Tutt taught me the gift of the hands-on work of the Mitzvah Technique to create postural alignment, release muscle tension and create ease of movement. She helped me see the whole body as an integrated, highly functional being. She taught me to sit, stand and walk.

Dianne Miller gave me the gift of her perspective on the work of Joseph Pilates. She showed me how a well-designed physical movement regime can teach you to move with ease and confidence. She taught me the importance of neuroplasticity in movement learning. She taught me that my spine did not have to be rigid but could be malleable and intelligent.

Katherine Duncanson taught me how to breathe; How to enjoy breathing, to sing, and to reach into the unknown worlds around us.

Choreographer Serge Bennathan taught me that, “In order to stretch my foot, I had to stretch my mind”

My physiology professors taught me wonder of the intricate inner workings of the body and led to me understand how our scientific understanding is limited and constantly evolving.

My students have taught me that we all need love, support and encouragement to grow.

This is a short, edited list… I have received so many wonderful teachings from such incredibly smart, creative and generous people.

With these teachings, I have created my own understanding of the human body in motion and developed a structure to help others understand their own way to best live in their bodies.

In founding my company, Upward Spiral, I created a home for my work. I created Moving IN a comprehensive, physical and cognitive program that is a framework for you to experience this wondrous body that you are.