Do you want to feel better in your body but you are not sure how to do it or where to begin? I offer free consultations with no obligation.



Group Classes

$25 single drop-in class
$170 for 10
$120 for 5 class card

Single Private Sessions
bundles of three

Three Private Sessions
bundles of three

Six Private Sessions
bundles of three

Comprehensive 6 week Booster Program

Feel Better and love being in your body!
This program is for people who want a comprehensive, whole body approach to fitness, alignment, healing and movement education.

The program begins with a 6 week Introduction Bundle

In only 6 weeks you will gain physical and mental flexibility, confidence, alignment, centering and strength. You will develop a personal program that you may choose to continue on your own or with Upward Spiral.

    6 weeks $6oo
    *consultation and pre-registration is required

    VIP Membership Bundles

     On completion of the Introductory Program you may choose to continue your development with the support of Upward Spiral. The program is flexible and designed for your needs and goals. This program will help you to continue to live with more alignment, flexibility, confidence and strength in your mind and body. People in this program feel the huge and lasting benefits of continued, committed practice.
    I believe every person is unique and so each bundle, like each session, is designed especially for you.

    Policies with Tough Love
    Reservations will be confirmed upon payment in full.
    If you give me 24 hours notice of cancellation we will reschedule your session.
    If you are late for a session, the session will still finish at the scheduled time.