Private Sessions

Julia offers private sessions to meet individual needs.
She uses a wide range of techniques to help you become more at home, at ease, in your body.

Some session are like “work outs” focusing on building strength, flexibility and endurance through and aligned and specifically designed exercise program. In this kind of session you will work on a Pilates reformer and/or on a Pilates mat. Julia combines the classic Pilates exercises with her dance background to find the best physical program for you. You will probably leave feeling strong and hopefully capable of taking on your life’s tasks.

Other sessions are more focused on healing and releasing tensions. Using the principles of the Mitzvah Technique, in these sessions you will mostly lie on a massage table. You will be asked to gently move as hands-on work releases patterns and creates more functional alignment. You will probably leave feeling very relaxed and open and more capable of flowing along with life’s challenges

Most sessions are a combination of both techniques. You will receive some hands on release work and some strengthening neuromuscular work.