“All I’m offering is the truth.”

The truth is you are already amazing, wise, capable, strong, confident, healing, joyous and connected.

Upward Spiral Programs offer a framework for connecting to the depth of wisdom, joy and love already within you.

Upward Spiral Principles

You know yourself best- I will offer many suggestions, reflections, questions, information, experience and firm encouragement. You are always in charge.

No Judgement-
We will work from where we are at each day. For example, if you have lost some flexibility in your ankles, it isn’t something to feel bad about . You could feel proud of working on it and find joy in re-igniting your mobility.

No Mirrors-
So often, looking in a mirror leads to judgements. So, no mirrors!

Interoception- the new buzz word for “listening to your body”. No mirrors, so you can focus on listening to the inside information.

Nothing should hurt- Your body should be more functional and feel better after a session (stronger, more flexible, more capable)

Movement Skills for Life- Everything we do is with the aim to develop movement skills for life. The activities are only important so that you can live your life with mobility, flexibity, strength and confidence. For example, one reason to practice “the Twist” is so you can reach into the back seat of the car with ease.

Movement should be enjoyable and feel good and “right” for you. Moving should be like a cool drink of water when you are hot and thirsty.

Pleasant Atmosphere The working space is designed to feel supportive and focused. Plants, essential oils and fresh water help you relax and focus on your session.

Focused- During your session, I give you 100% focus. I also ask for your 100% focus. Cell phones away. (I make an exception if you need to be in contact with schools, children or other family needs)

Engaging- We will work together to keep you engaged and interested in your progress. You can only learn if you are paying attention. Fact.

Adaptable- I will always have a plan for you and your session. I will always adapt the plan based on your needs for the day. ( for example, I may have a big work out session planned for you but if you show up after a big physical stressful day we may shift the focus to peaceful somatic meditation)

Wear what you want- As long as you can move in it, you can wear what you want.

Supportive- Encouragement is essential to your success. Your mindset is important! While negative thoughts and ideas may arise, you will be encouraged to move forward and acknowledge your own successes.

Principles of Upward Spiral Practice

Kinesthetic- Movement is everything. Movement is life. Life is much, much harder if you can’t move. All teachings are based in helping you to move better. Loving your body, understanding your body, practicing new movement patterns, building strength, flexibility with intelligence, releasing detrimental patterns, meditation and hands-on tension release. Movement is life.

Evolution- Our bodies are designed to move. We need to move to stay healthy. Our evolution has given us amazing bodies for a hunting and gathering lifestyle. We are not physically designed to sit at desks, drive cars and stare at cell phones. But we do know how to hack the design so that you can exist in this modern life without pain. We all have different levels and abilities and interests but we all need to move. Its one of the few things you can’t outsource.

Neuroplasticity- We all can learn. We can learn throughout our whole lives. Our brains are not fixed as we were once told. We all have different learning strategies and thinking patterns that we can use to our advantage. This includes learning movement, learning how to release tension and create better movement and behavior patterns.

Art and Imagination-Art is one of the most engaging ways to learn. It requires your imagination, your heart and your soul. Artful ideas, imagery and expression all play important roles in movement. Play is the key word.

Your Spine comes First –Your spine is everything. Your central nervous system needs to be protected. We build strength and flexibility of the spine first so that all movement is supported and pain free. For example, you can’t effectively and safely strengthen your arms if you are not taking care of your spinal alignment and support.

Strength though Alignment- There is strength in alignment. Literally and figuratively. If you are not in alignment, building strength can be painful, useless and detrimental. Why have big strong muscles if you can’t lift your arms over your head? When you are practicing in alignment, the strength you build will support you in your life. Think long, lean muscles that you can reach up to put your suitcase in the overhead bin with ease.

Flexibility for function- Not everyone needs to do the splitz. If it’s your job then sure, we can do that. But flexibility should be useful! Not arbitrary! For example, you might want to be just flexible enough to spend the day gardening with ease.

Centred- I’m talking physically and figuratively. Feeling at the centre of yourself, calm, collected, and with a clear aim; In this practice and in your life.

Your body is a magical gift.

Onward and Upward!