Movement and Voice Workshop
With Patricia O'Callaghan and Julia Aplin

Moving, grooving, sounding and singing.
An uplifting, fulfilling experience for your body, mind and spirit.

Tuesdays June 12, 19 and 26, 7-9
St Peter’s AnglicanChurch
188 Carleton Street
$20 donation for each class

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6 week Upward Spiral Program
By the end of the summer you could feel lighter, have more freedom of movement, less pain and more confidence.
In this 6 week program specially designed for you, you will learn movement tools, techniques and information as well as receive hands-on release and alignment work.
6 private sessions, 90 minutes each
Access to all group classes OR three semi-private sessions
Half day nature retreat
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Body Mindfulness, Tuesday Mornings 10-11:15
This class involves alignment and release work, gentle moving, meditations, explorations, information about anatomy, neuroscience and body concepts. Wear loose comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle. All levels of movers welcome. 

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Adult Dance
Tuesday evening 8-9
This class involves lots of moving! dancing dancing and more dancing, Technical skills, dance combinations and stretching. The class is listed as an Intermediate level but all levels are welcome and everyone works at their own pace. Wear loose comfortable clothes and bring a water bottle
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These classes are all at Swansea School of Dance, 356 Windermere


My friend Veronica asked me, ”What exactly do we do in our dance class? Explaining the moves doesn't quite cover it.  It's hard to be articulate about the magic. “ 
Here is my somewhat cryptic answer...
like all the best things in life, dancing cannot easily be described in words.
You could say...
We dance around to warm up
We focus on freeing the body, which consequently frees the mind
We practice technical skills for strength, stability and flexibility with a particular focus on where those three things intersect. 
We practice awareness of our own physicality.
We practice awareness of physical space and our relationship to it.
We practice awareness of changing spatial relationships to others in the space.
We practice all of that within games and exercises of fixed parameters.
We boogie, we prance, we shake, we roll, we sweat, we flow, we laugh, and we haven’t yet cried :)
and you, the dancers, are the magic!