Time Line of some of my life’s biggest events that shaped who I am today

1968 Born in Toronto, Ontario
1974 moved to Cambridge Ontario
1978 finally got ballet lessons after years of begging
1982 Introduced to modern dance freaked out with happiness
1990 Summer, apprentice Banff festival Ballet Company, ruined my love of pointe shoes but I still love tutus
1991 graduated University of Waterloo, B.A. ( Hons) in Dance
1992-2006 company member of Dancemakers, touring world wide and performing full time for next 14 years, love the work so much I literally mangle my body to do it
1992 met Dianne Miller, guest teaching at Dancemakers, introduced to the Pilates Method, my spine learns to move and I don’t have to mangle myself quite so much anymore. Dianne visits Toronto each year and I continue my work with Dianne to the present day.
1994 met life partner John Gzowski
1997 choreographed Inner City Sirens Part Two, Dusk Dances
1998 Gemini Nomination for performance in The Rings of Saturn

1998 Crisis #1 my body is so messed up, in pain and tired that I think I need to quit dancing

1998 met Ann Tutt, introduced to the Mitzvah technique, I learned to sit, stand and walk and listen to my body. And so my dance career doesn’t end after all! I figure out what I need to do to love my body and move forward together.

2003 Founded Platform 33 Collective. Created new work with choreographers from Japan, Spain and Montreal
2004 single courses at U of T in biology, physiology and statistics
2004 -2007 Mitzvah Teacher training program with Ann Tutt
2005 my daughter is born
2007 graduated from York University, Bachelor of Education I start ignoring my body again, I stop practicing everything I know and start devoting myself to my family and my teaching career
2008-2012 Elementary School teacher at alternative school, BEN SchoolHouse

2012 I love my students and I love teaching but I had ignored my body for the last few years. I was tired, grumpy, in pain and kind of desperate. I started back into a daily practice of moving and paying attention to my body. I literally move back into myself and life keeps getting better and better

2012 self employed as artist, movement teacher (University of Toronto, SoulPepper and Centre for Indigineous Theatre) and private practice in Mitzvah Technique
2013-2015 Premiere four new full length performance works
2014 Audience Choice award ( Dusk Dances) for Inner City Sirens part two
2015 Neurosculpting courses, changed my understanding of my brain forever
2016 Pilates teacher training program with Dianne Miller, life gets even better
2017 Artists Residency at LIVE Lab McMaster University exploring the mind/body connection with Double Pendulum Collective
2017 development of Moving IN program

2018 Upward Sprial is going onward and upward…!