Here’s how it works

Step One-You pay a fixed amount to reserve your spot in the class or workshop.

($7for group class, $20for workshops. Reserved and paid in advance)

Step Two-You come to the class or workshop.

Step Three-You pay what you want at the end of the class or workshop.

(from $0 up to $15 for a group class, from $0 up to $150 for workshop. Paid in cash, cheque or online at the end of the class or workshop)


Reserve your spot online and pay in full in advance. I understand that some people are just more comfortable with this option.

Here’s why I am doing the PWYC method for classes and workshops

I want to change the world for the better by gettingeveryonein it moving and feeling good in their body. I really do.

Please do not feel that you have to financially stretch yourself thin to attend. Pay what you can.
Please do not pay less than you can. Guilt is a terrible thing.
I only want those “feeling good” vibes that align with the positive work I am trying to put out to the world.

You do not need to explain your choice of payment to me or anyone else.

The reservation fee for weekly classes is non-refundable.
The reservation fee for workshops is refundable up until two weeks before the workshops.