Five Fundamentals of an Upward Spiral Session

1. You know yourself best

I will offer many suggestions, reflections, questions, information, experience and firm encouragement. You are always free to accept challenges or ask for alternatives without question. Your autonomy is key.

2. Supportive and Focused

During your session, I give you 100% focus. I also ask for your 100% focus. Cell phones away. I make an exception if you need to be in contact with schools, children or other family needs. At my home studio, plants, essential oils and fresh water help you relax and focus on your session.

3. No Judgement/No Mirrors

We will work from where you are at each day. That little voice that says “I can’t” is invited to leave. The judge that says “I should be better” or “I should have started this years ago” is asked to wait outside. Very often, looking in a mirror leads to self-judgements. So… no mirrors! Movement should be about how you FEEL. *

4. Evolving Learning

We will work together to keep you engaged and interested in your physical body and your movement. You will be encouraged to notice and celebrate your progress. After each session, your body should be more functional and feel better, stronger, more flexible, more capable.

5. Adaptable

I will always have a plan for you and your session. I will always adapt the plan based on your needs for the day. For example, I may have a rigorous work out session planned for you but if you show up after a big physically stressful day we may shift the focus to peaceful somatic meditation. And vice versa.

*at some workshops, dance studio mirrors are unavoidable, I try to be as mirror free as possible in those circumstances

Practical Things to Know
For Classes
  • Wear comfy clothing that you can move in. Anything from baggy sweats to loose jeans to fancy yoga wear is fine.
  • Class begins at the appointed time. Please enter quietly if you are late.
  • Bring a water bottle.
  • We will be working in barefeet but socks are welcome and running shoes or other footwear if you need support (no street shoes)
For private sessions
  • Wear comfy clothing that you can move in. Anything from baggy sweats to loose jeans to high end yoga wear is fine. Socks are recommended.
  • Sessions start and end on time. If you are late we still finish at the appointed time
Policies with Tough Love
  • Reservations will be confirmed upon payment.
  • If you cancel with 48 hours notice you may reschedule your session.
  • Last minute cancellations and no shows cannot be refunded.
  • If you are late for a session, the session will still finish at the scheduled time.