Tree Time

Once a week I go to visit an Oak tree.

I often feel like a squirrel when I arrive.

My mind twitching like a fluffy tail.

I try to immerse myself into a slower pace.

A more patient place.

A more expansive space.

I try to listen to my tree who is not up to … [read more]

birch tree emerge release


Emerging from the Emergency

The lock down is lifting. The protection from Covid-19 is entering our bloodstreams. As we start to emerge from this most strange and unusual time I am feeling many things.

It is a celebration. It is a relief.  And … [read more]

JOE- 26 years later

Watching JOE last night…

There was pure nostalgia for being in that moment in time. There was great joy at seeing people I haven’t seen in years. There was sadness for those who have passed. There was joy at remembering how important live performance… [read more]

Online Classes- Never say Never

Online Dance classes? Never say Never.

I am a big fan of 3 dimensions. I love the human form in motion in shared time and space. I have been asked before if I would ever do an online classes and my resounding answer was always, “No, way”

Well, I am … [read more]

What is Mitzvah?

Scene at a reception in Toronto.

OTHER PERSON: So what do you do?

ME: ummmm, 

I race through my thoughts and I’m trying to pin my wide spread practice and what, in the moment, feels like maybe too-many-branches career, into a title for this person… [read more]


I learned a new word.
Pandiculation. I LOVE this word because it so clearly articulates some things I’ve been pondering. In fact, I rejoice in this word! It’s a daring, delightful way to luxuriate in yourself and enjoy taking up space.

Pandiculation… [read more]