NEW! Six Week Tree Ogham Movement Class

August 2021 online via zoom 7:00 pm-8:00 pm EST

Six Sessions, each focused on the quality of a tree.

This movement series will help unwind your mind, and body and connect you to your deep nature within and the nature in the world around you.

Tuesday August 3, 2021  Birch Series to make yourself available to new opportunities

Tuesday August 10, 2021  Oak  for strength and resiliency

Thursday August 12, 2021 Willow  for Finding Flow

Tuesday August 17, 2021 Pine for overview and long sight

Tuesday August 24, 2021 Reed  for clarity and focus

Thursday August 26, 2021  Elder  for Acceptance and Letting Go

The series will include:

  • An Introduction to the Celtic Tree Ogham
  • Some information about each tree species- idenitification, biology and associations
  • Access to recordings of each class
  • video support material for movement sequences
  • optional suggested practices for individual outdoor exploration
  • option to join FB group to share discoveries
  • optional Q and A after each class 
  • additional forest meditation practices and video support

$180 plus HST

Questions? email me at 


Ogham Workshop Testimonials


“Thanks for the wonderful course. It was so suggestive, bodily and mentally, allowing all sorts of new connections. I love the sequence, the flow between different kinds of movement, ways of being embodied in relation to trees, the emphasis on fascial stretching, the intentional and metaphoric possibilities of being/and being in relation to the series of trees we studied. I can return to the movement sequences but also feel invited to engage with tree presences in new ways. Thank you!” C.B.


“What a wonderful practice to be part of through the longest weeks of winter. This allowed us to stay connected to and interested in nature all around us. I will continue to make friends with trees and learn from them as the winter months continue and as we look towards the new growth offered in spring.” J.W.


“Imagine having a Six-Pack of motion, breath and spiritual focus. You can keep this six pack in your back pocket and pull it out at anytime. The six pack is based on beloved trees which you can develop a relationship with. This is part of  what Round 2 of the Ogham workshop have to me. Thank you, Julia.”



You shared many interesting ways to think  about and be with trees. 
I know zoom is not the same as real life, but you made it work with your kindness and playfulness and positive energy.
I was glad that you welcomed all trees as living being.  I was glad not to go to deeply down the native vs non-native path. Your choice of reed was wise.
I appreciated that you encouraged us to listen to our bodies and do what made sense for each of us on a given day.  Having alternatives to do when sitting was nice.
Rosie dog and I were inspired to seek out trees most days this spring.  We would start out with a particular tree as our goal and make many serendipitous discoveries.
Taking the time to observe trees showed me things I had never noticed before and just made me happy in a time that has been stressful for everyone. 
Thank you so much for the workshop.  
Take care




Forest Gatherings

will help you connect to your True Nature by moving in Nature. Sitting with trees, listening to water and gathering around fires touches something deep within us that can’t be easily accessed in the urban environment. Our bodies are designed to move on uneven surfaces, look at horizon lines and breathe easy in the fresh air. I want to help you get out there to experience it.

Forest Gathering  2021 DATE TBA

email Julia for info