“I came with a very sore back that had been bothering me for a number of years and I’ve done amazing work…”


“I was having a back injury….now I can feel I’m using my back in a different way…”


“Julia reminds you of the deep pleasure we can experience in movement.  She brings unbridled joy and enthusiasm to her practice, helping you to recall what your body knows and wants. Dancing and doing body work with Julia is sheer pleasure—I leave not only stronger, but feeling lighter and happier each time.”

Paula Gardner

“I love working with Julia. It’s quite amazing to come away from a session feeling both like you’ve been deeply cared for and nurtured, AND you’ve just had your ass kicked!”

Patricia O’Callaghan (singer)

“I wanted to thank you for such an amazing experience on Saturday. I’ve become accustomed to Julia exposing me to the joy and wonder of dance, but truly didn’t expect to enjoy the singing so much as it’s well beyond my comfort zone. You were both so generous, encouraging and fun. I feel very fortunate to have spent Saturday with you. Thanks again!”

Kristin Taylor

“Such a wonderful day spent with you. I plan to keep this uplifting motivated feeling going. Looking forward to your next session in May.”

Bavani Subramanian