There is a moral/philosophical point of view that I interpreted as truth for awhile.  It’s an idea that seems to be pervasive and I suggest it is also perverse.

Here it is “First you get the chores done and then you can have some fun.”


This implies three main things:

  1. Fun is not a priority. Well, I think it should be. So… no.
  2. Chores are not fun. Well, they could be, its just a matter of attitude. So… no.
  3. Fun is extra fluff. Ummm, no.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how exercise seems to be viewed as a chore for most people. It’s one of those “get things done” things. With all the gyms closed right now I see this “chore” form of exercise out in the parks. I see people running around the track looking kind of tortured. I see people aggressively hefting their own body like it’s a senseless piece of meat. I see painful disassociation instead of meaningful connection to the body.

I admit, seeing these exercisers made me feel a little guilty, a little lazy even. Without my regular fast bike ride to classes, rehearsals and movement workshops I was feeling lousy and craving movement. I tried to “exercise”. I put on my running shoes and track pants and in less than 2 minutes I was simultaneously whining and raging. I can paddle and portage, hike and skip, leap and sing, all day long. But exercise? Nope.  I don’t want to.  It’s not fun.

What is one to do? Well, I’ve trashed the “work first” morality and given the finger to the pandemic. I’ve gone back to dancing while I do the dishes, skipping around the track, putting on a funny hat to do Pilates, singing through the zoom portal and visiting the forest for a day. With a fortunate typo, a solution is actually a “SOULutions.

Let’s live while we can. FUN!