JOE- 26 years later

Watching JOE last night…

There was pure nostalgia for being in that moment in time. There was great joy at seeing people I haven’t seen in years. There was sadness for those who have passed. There was joy at remembering how important live performance is and how huge that dancing time was for me.

But the single most AMAZING thing to me, right now, is to be reminded that there was a time when thirty two of us could be fully embodied, fully focused and fully connected to each other for 70 minutes straight!!!

Wow!  Despite the frazzling, disembodying, disconnecting crap of this pandemic, I’m thinking maybe anything is possible for us humans.

I’m gonna watch it again!!!

lots of love to all my fellow Joe’s


from the NAC-

A pivotal work, Joe presents an image of the human condition that is so accurate and so moving that it remains forever imprinted in the memories of those who have experienced it.

To the sound of 32 pairs of work boots obsessively pounding the floor, 32 dancers, dressed in long coats and hats, move in a compact mass from which individuals occasionally attempt to free themselves to escape a preordained destiny.

One of the most influential and respected contemporary dance artists in Canada, choreographer, painter and set designer Jean-Pierre Perreault (1947–2002) created works whose significant influence both at home and abroad has contributed to the growth of dance artists and audiences.